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As it turns out, just as love brings some confusing feelings, people are once again turning to Google for the answers they fail to figure out on their own. However, there are several queries that leave a person confused, relating to valentine’s week that shows an increase in the Google trends during valentine’s week. As the celebration of love is done throughout the globe, the top cities of India are also touched by the trends that show some interesting Valentine’s week searches, which our team at Project Backlinks decided to conduct a research on.

Different trends were noticed throughout these top cities relating to valentine’s week. After searching through the trends, we found some common keyword searches among all these cities that keep on increasing as Valentine’s Day keeps on approaching.

This study includes the search among the trendiest cities, namely Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.

The main findings of this research are: –

1. The relative search in Gurgaon for “Propose Day” increased by 3350% during valentine’s week as compared to “World Chocolate Day” and “Teddy Bear.”

2. Meanwhile, Delhi shows the increased trends for “Propose day” by 3000% searches, and the associated queries were “happy valentine day 2019”, “promise day images” and “happy chocolate day” with an increased surge with “3700%”, “3450%”, and “3300%.”

3. Chandigarh is the only city where the search topic and top query were similar, namely “Teddy Bear” and “teddy day images.”

4. Gurugram, Lucknow, and Delhi shared the most common search topic being “Propose day.”

5. Bangalore has the least number of search topics and queries among all states. Meanwhile, Hyderabad offered the second least amount of search topics and queries.

6. Meanwhile, the city Kolkata that is widely known for its love for culture has the tie between “World Chocolate Day” and “Propose Day” and both the search topics having the 2600% increased search trend.

*This is the relative % of data compared to the searches of the previous week, not the exact numbers.

The procedure used for conducting the study

The study was based on the Top Google Searches and Trends that happened last year. We did a comprehensive research on the topmost search queries during Valentine’s week that happened on Google search engine for the trendiest cities of India. We recorded the rise in the search volume of topmost queries during the valentine’s week as compared to the week prior to that. Please find the attached data for the relevancy check with the report.


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