Common Questions Asked During an Interview In An SEO Agency

1. What is your expertise?

As an experienced professional who worked with the SEO industry, apart from the basics like PageRank and standard tools used, the recruiters will prefer knowing your expertise. SEO is a big sea of opportunities where multiple skill set is required, and thus multiple experts are needed. Before you apply for the job, figure out your expertise and what you are looking for. 

2. How do you face the challenges?

Every expertise comes with a set of challenges. An interviewer will ask you about these challenges and how you deal with them. As a writer, you might be asked to show your blogs and how you plan your next write-up. As a link builder, you will be asked for the strategies you have used to build links. As an employee, it is necessary that you are self-driven and motivated to work as a team as well as a single player.

3. Your criteria to measure SEO success by the parameters you used.

While the success criteria vary as per the client and metrics can differ, the recruiter generally wants to know about your key point indicators for success. Some of these can be unbranded organic traffic, rank improvements, referred visitors, domain authority, and more. If you can explain how your key point indicators change over time, it displays how your experience changed over time by being in the industry.

4. What are your go-to tools, and what makes them unique?

Your go-to tools explain a lot about your approach and your SEO attack plan. More so, if you can explain what makes them your personal favorite. Anyone who has done some serious work with SEO will need these tools at one time or another. Explain what the other tools are lacking, which makes them annoying. This displays that you are flexible and choose only the best tools for getting work done.

5. What are the standard reference blogs you have read or refer to?

Since you need to be continuously updated about SEO, the blogs and writers you refer to explain how serious you are about your job. It increases your efficiency, and you learn about the new techniques as well. The recruiter might also ask you about the last blog you read and what you learned from it. it is recommended to go through a couple of authoritative blogs before you step for the interview

Final words

SEO has many growth opportunities, and thus, a candidate has many things to learn from. While recruiters do not expect you to memorize every historical event related to SEO,  the willingness to learn and use the strategies to empower a website is a deal maker. Now that you know the basic questions and skills recruiters are looking for, it’s time you prepare yourself and start applying. You have our best wishesAs a candidate who wants to build a career in an SEO agency, you must be thinking about the skills and topics you need to be familiar with. The interview preparation for an SEO agency can be different from others as SEO algorithms are ever-changing. Therefore, you need to keep yourself updated about the questions recruiters can ask you about. Keep reading further to know more about these.


Gaurav Mehrotra

Gaurav Mehrotra is a Digital Marketing specialist who lives and breathes everything Digital in Marketing and focuses primarily on Inbound Marketing while having a penchant for public speaking and guest lectures. Over his professional career, he has been associated in various capacities with brands like EY, KPMG, Accenture Management Consulting and Rocket Internet among others, and has assumed many roles, before his thirst for Digital brought him squarely for the marketing world. His expertise lies primarily in SEO, which he tries to make it as dynamic and original while not bending the rules for the search engines. He also loves playing around with Content, both for his and his clients’ websites, as well as for Social Media channels and Email Marketing campaigns, for creating magic with content is something he squarely believes in.

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