10 Link Building Building Tips That Work in 2021

How does the search work?

For every query you type in a search engine, you will find the top SERPs displayed on your screen. The Google search rank determinators rank these results to provide the best and trustworthy answer to the visitor’s query.

Google’s Search Rank determinators are influenced by 3 factors: Content, Backlinks, and Rank Brain. Considering that content and Rank Brain algorithms work equally for everyone, backlinks play an important role in determining your page rankings. 

So, what makes a high-quality backlink? 

Not all backlinks are equal. So, Project Backlinks experts suggest some points you should look out for before you acquire a link- 

  • Authority of page
  • Authority of site
  • Relevancy of site
  • Position of the link on the page
  • Editorially placed links
  • Anchor text used
  • Text around the link

Link Building For SEO- The Definitive Guide 2021

  1. You are what you E-A-T

When you search- “how to create backlinks for my website?” you will get several webpage results with old and new techniques having an excellent backlinks bank. 

SEO and backlinks are closely related, and E-A-T is a deciding factor for the top-ranking webpages. E-A-T refers to the Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness of the link you have acquired.

  1. What is White Hat SEO

White hat SEO includes strategically working on the following aspects so that a business can acquire a noticeable digital presence- 

  1. Keyword research
  2. Valuable Content Generation
  3. On-page SEO
  4. Link Building strategies
  5. Technical SEO
  6. Case studies

If the content is King, consider link building as the Queen who ensure that you rank high among your competitors. 

Now that we have your attention let’s discuss how to acquire and earn links that boost SEO, as suggested by the experts.

10 Simple Link Building Strategies in 2021 that works effectively

1. Authority resource pages

The most common link building strategy will be the resource pages. The resource pages are your go-to networking stop that exists for the sole aim- Link building with other sites!

And here is what you need to do.

1. Find some relevant resource pages with your keyword. The commonly encountered terms will be useful resources/ additional resources/extension resources + your keyword.

2. Now that you have the list of top resource pages, it’s time to research whether they have a broken or outdated link that matches your content.

3. Now that you are sure your content can be helpful, send a short feeler pitch to inform webmasters about the broken link and offer them the replacement blog. 

Remember, not everyone will respond positively, but this is the most straightforward answer to how to build backlinks.

2. The Skyscraper technique

The Skyscraper technique is a popular link building strategy all link building services experts swear by. The first step to earning quality backlinks will be to do thorough research. For this, add the keyword in the search engine for the best results.

After that, check the top posts and take down the notes of the structure and patterns. Now comes the task of creating a piece of content that is way better than what you found and contains the A-Z information on the topic. Make sure you also link it to some experts.  

In the end, it’s time you promote it by a feeler email to all the people you have mentioned in the post as well as others.

Avoid being pushy or spammy. A worthy Skyscraper content will surely gain many backlinks.

3. Broken link building

You must have come across some pages showing – Error 404. These are the external web pages with dead links, and broken link building is all about finding these pages.

Once you have found a broken link, you can create a relevant and informative piece of content similar to the one the webpage was initially linked to. The next step will be to offer your content as a replacement for these 404 webpages. 

By doing so, you get to drive the traffic to your website while the webmaster will have fewer broken links on his webpage. This way, you help a webmaster fix the broken link without looking for a replacement blog, as your blog will become the perfect alternative. 

Now that you have gained a quality backlink watch your traffic grow further.  

4. Unlinked mention

It’s not something new for a brand to be mentioned by local newspapers and reviewing agencies. However, there are chances that your website might not be linked to your mentioned name. And this leads to unlinked brand mentions.

Use SEMrush and other link building tools to find out these unlinked brand mentions and make a list. Now that you are over with the most challenging part, it’s time you start reaching out to webmasters, journalists, bloggers, and others.

Just create a short pitch in which you ask them to add a link and get ready for some white label link building and high authority contextual backlinks. 

5. Content repurposing

The audience wants more updated content, and webmasters search for the same. As a result, you must reuse your content and write a new updated piece. 

This way, your links will be secured, and more people will link to you for your high content value. 

6. Original Case studies

As we already know that viewers want quick information that adds value to the content but recycling a content piece might not be the final answer to your every problem. However, people love referring to the latest studies, and content like case studies are the crowd pullers for acquiring backlinks.

The best way to write unique, non-plagiarized content will be to post your latest case studies and sharing the findings with Google and webmasters.

Although the task will be time-consuming, this is an effective way to gain multiple DoFollow backlinks. 

7. The Ultimate Guides and Listicles

Listicles, Ultimate guides are the critical patterns for building links. Getting yourself enrolled in the listicles is the way to create backlinks while you will get noticed by the target audience. 

You can also write down the ultimate guides that offer value to the readers and covers almost all topics. Long posts are also observed to perform better than short posts in SEO. 

In an ultimate guide, you can write about each relevant topic, and because of the detailed report, you are likely to become the source guide for other blogs. Follow these steps if you want to know how to get quality backlinks by writing an epic blog post.

1. Find a topic that hasn’t been exhausted yet. For this, do a proper analysis and research.

2. Next, create a format and provide a structure to your blog. Make sure you have not missed anything.

3. Now, get to work and write an ultimate guide to answer every possible user query. This way, your blog post will become the ultimate source for white label link building.  

8. Help A Reporter Out

Backlinks from high authority websites and fresh content that answers the visitor’s query are the way to gain a high rank. And for this, HARO (help a reporter out) is your way to go.

HARO is the way to connect with the bloggers and sources with a white hat building intent, just like LinkedIn. This is time taking process, but you will gain backlinks with various high authority sites this way. Here is what you need to do.

First, register as a source and subscribe to a plan (beginner/standard/advance).

Second, select a query for which you can contribute an answer.

The final step, send a short pitch to the journalist with a correct answer.

Let the reporters approve your answer and Voila! You have a link to your site. 

9. Infographics and videos

So, think about the last time you googled a keyword and moved to page 2 or 3?

The chances are Zero!

This happens because you are likely to get your answer on top SERPs, or you would instead prefer to be more specific. 

Realistically speaking, there is tons of content on google, but most of it gets ignored except the top results. Yes, you guessed it right, and these have the most number of high-quality backlinks.

Going by the traditional successful methods, infographics and videos have a good track record of acquiring high-quality backlinks. As per their content value, these always perform great.

Consequently, your next idea should be to create impressive and catchy infographics and videos to add to your content.  

10. Create links from outdated sources

This technique takes the last spot on our list. In this technique, you keep an eye out for pages having linked webpages rather than a broken link building technique. 

If you find an outdated link page, make the most out of the opportunity and present your content as the alternative updated link as a replacement.

Here you are more focused on getting links by replacing outdated resources rather than working on error 404 pages. This is also known as the moving man technique.

#2 Clever advanced link building strategies to earn high-quality backlinks

1. The Feeler Emails outreach

As the name suggests, the feeler emails are all about sending a mail without asking for a link to see if they are perceptive towards you. 

On having a positive response, you can pitch them further. Feeler email is a two-way process with a 2X-4X more success rate than a traditional email approach. 

2. Create your own technique and strategy

SEO can often give an illusion that everything that could be discovered is already present on the internet. However, this is not the case. While it is true that the basics components might remain the same, you can still originate a new strategy to create backlinks.

Once you understand your technique’s effectiveness, you can use a catchy name for your strategy and publicize it further. Based on your techniques, you will get many backlinks on your site. 

#BONUS TIP– Work on Local Link Building

Are you concerned about increasing the footfall at your local business?

Local link building is a gem for small and medium-sized businesses searching for more business opportunities. 

But how do I find local backlinks? Or,

How does local SEO work?

Are you thinking the same? Read further to know more…

What is Local Link building?

Unlike big businesses, small and medium businesses are more focused on using SEO to create business opportunities in their locality. For this, local link building works towards creating links that focus on the locality where you are located.

But before you start local SEO, it is suggested that you review the link history for your profile to differentiate the link categories. 

8 ways to build local links to improve your business ratings in 2021

  1. Customized search in your area- Add your location with keywords to find out the local results people refer to while searching for similar services as you offer. This way, you can provide your link to the local websites and get them linked to you while these work as a resource to bring you more footfall.
  1. Enroll your business for local awards- Enrolling your business in local directories and citation building is an excellent way to introduce your business. You can also connect with the local management and enroll your business for regional awards. This will help you gain more recognition. 
  1. Get in touch with your local influencer- Get in touch with a local influencer and create a partnership where they mention your brand. You can also send them the free samples and ask for reviews. 
  1. Write about your business for free on local platforms- Be willing to write about your business in the local magazines or website. These have a lot of readers and are available on several platforms. In the end, don’t forget to add the reference link on your blog.
  1. Create a local resource page on your website- For this, create a space on your site and add your location/address at the bottom. You can also add local high DA keywords in your content that your local target audience often uses. Make your site informative by adding pictures, video, catchy headlines, and detailed Meta-Descriptions and Title Tags. 
  1. Offer local scholarships- By providing scholarships, you positively influence your audience. Mentioning your brand as partners on a billboard gives you positive recognition among the target audience. 
  1. Participate in events- Participate in events relevant to your business niche. Introduce yourself and give interviews as well. It will be a good idea to get published in the local newspapers. Curate a press release about your business and reach out to local press for quality backlinks.
  1. Outreach by in person, phone calls, and emails- Build business relationships by informing others about your trade. Reach out to others by informing them about your trade by in-person meetings, phone calls, and emails.


Without an ounce of doubt  

“White Hat Link building is your growth strategy.

White Hat link building is indeed not an easy task. However, by using the link building strategies mentioned above and your consistent efforts, you can certainly establish your brand. 

Unique content can display your skills, but the backlinks indexer will be the game changer for your brand in your niche. Whether you work on these strategies on your own or take help from the experts, your rank will be directly proportional to your backlinks bank. 

So, are you ready to grow your brand? Take this post as a headstart and reach out to our experts for detailed SEO analysis.


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