Why SEO Is Important For Educational Websites

Importance of SEO marketing in an educational institution

Although it may seem like SEO is for marketing purposes and so it has no relevance with educational institutions, this is not the case. Many reliable educational websites like The Prep Board used SEO as it helps reach the target audience. It is important to work with and serve the correct audience to highlight that an institution is unique. It might also help in getting the best stakeholders who might want to engage with the school or college. Therefore, the best way to execute all of this successfully is to use SEO as part of the institution’s marketing strategy.

Advantages of SEO marketing for educational institutions

  1. Helps to increase brand awareness

The most attractive advantage which SEO offers to clients is increasing brand awareness. A website’s visibility is directly proportional to its enrolment rate. In the instance where students and parents have a good understanding of what the institution stands for, what it offers, and what are its cultural ethics, they are more likely to apply and become a part of the institution. 

  1. Helps to increase parental engagement with the institution

It is often seen that the educational website, which shows relevant content and matters of interest in their web pages, attracts more page views and higher rankings from users, specifically parents. This is possible through an SEO marketing strategy, which shows the parents that this website stays on top of things happening in the educational ecosystem. An educational website is the virtual representation of the institution itself; thus, parents can remain more involved in their child’s academic career.

  1. Helps in building local community

Parents and students look for such a school which has local geographical and logistical constraints. They don’t want to send their wards to such institutions which are too far and where transport is not readily available. SEO, which includes local listings, makes it easier for parents to connect with institutions and enroll their children in nearby institutions. Therefore, the school or college becomes part of the local community with the help of an SEO marketing strategy.

  1. Building mobile-friendly websites

As most users browse the internet through their mobile devices, it is significant to optimize the websites for mobile to improve rankings and increase page views. SEO helps in this by making sure that the loading times are better for the website on the user’s smartphone.

  1. Helps in improving school website ranking

Listing the school or college on reputable directories and websites helps in improving the quality of backlinks, which in turn positively improves website rankings as it adds credentials for the websites. This eventually results in higher visibility for the college by indicating the website’s authenticity and trustworthiness in the long run. 

  1. Utilizing keywords to increase connectivity

Keywords are those words that people use to find a particular website or something of their interest. These reflect what people are curious about and what they want to know. Subsequently, if these keywords are incorporated into a website, it will yield better page views. Teachers and students get exactly what they are looking for, and the website also gets its connectivity.


Gaurav Mehrotra

Gaurav Mehrotra is a Digital Marketing specialist who lives and breathes everything Digital in Marketing and focuses primarily on Inbound Marketing while having a penchant for public speaking and guest lectures. Over his professional career, he has been associated in various capacities with brands like EY, KPMG, Accenture Management Consulting and Rocket Internet among others, and has assumed many roles, before his thirst for Digital brought him squarely for the marketing world. His expertise lies primarily in SEO, which he tries to make it as dynamic and original while not bending the rules for the search engines. He also loves playing around with Content, both for his and his clients’ websites, as well as for Social Media channels and Email Marketing campaigns, for creating magic with content is something he squarely believes in.

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