SEO opportunities during and after COVID-19

We are all going through difficult times, and our future does not look so promising as the experts have concluded that the economy is going to go down for recession. It is normal to feel lost, panicked, and uncertain at this time. The growing empire of the Coronavirus is going to impact us for a long time, and the crash of the global stock market is just a trailer that has left businesses in chaos.

During this time, before we focus on the things we should do, let’s stop ourselves from making some mistakes first. You should not exploit fear in masses because that can lead to the out stocking of some of the essential items such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, among other supplies. Demand for the mask, gloves, and other such items are increasing beyond the supply as people are overstocking those to prepare for future instances whereas leaving none for the present scenarios.  Some short-sighted companies are also indulging in reselling these items with a 50X, 60X profit margin.

Using fear induced by Coronavirus for making quick bucks is not marketing or business. It might seem like a good idea at the moment, but you sure would not be making any lasting effects. And this is a crucial time to build a lasting positive impression in your business. For the starters, ensure that you build the user’s trust in your services, and all the information you are providing is beneficial and authentic. Trust is an essential factor that compels a user to prioritize your services and information over others. This way, helping you with your business and growth.

Want to know how it will affect your business? Keep reading further to know the answer!

Effect of Coronavirus on marketers

Challenging times for business

It is an inevitable outcome of COVID-19 hitting us globally.  There will be no buyers in the market, and factories are shun closed for safety purposes as well. That means a lack of income and profit during this temporary shut down for an unknown period. More prominent companies can still pay their employees, but the situation is not equal for everyone. The travel industry is going to lose millions. Ports will remain close; the exchange of goods will be reduced to a minimum. All industries are under significant economic hit, and no one can say how long the effects will last. Consequently, unemployment will increase.

Search patterns

The search patterns are changed during the spread of COVID-19, and except for some, for most of the industries, organic traffic is barely there. People are searching for everything remotely related to Coronavirus to keep themselves updated about COVID-19. As a result, organic traffic is likely to get increased for some NEWS, Medical, and E-Commerce websites that are selling basic amenities, people want to stock at their houses. Similarly, there is a downfall in the traffic of luxury products like the fridge, Television, laptops, and much more. At the same time, traffic in travel industries saw the downfall as well, while the massive bump can be seen in the everyday essentials industry.

Time for investment-

While the recession is affecting the industries, in the lack of profits, not all companies will be able to sustain their employees. As a result, most of the companies will also fire their employees in the lack of money, and this will create an excellent opportunity for you. What is useless for others can be gold for you. While others will be focusing on managing their expenses, you can hire polished, talented staff for your companies to attain long term benefits. Travel industries are also offering some massive discounts for traveling in the future for successful revenue benefits. While this time is fruitful for the industries that are dealing with news and media, you will earn profits during this time.

More room for growth-

With the economy going downhill, most of the markets are going to go bankrupt or struggle to pay their debts. Some might be able to cut down their expenses to save their firm, but most of them will be hit by the recession. And it is during these times; you can emerge as a strong contender with much less competition than usual. When done rightly, you might even make the most out of this time and grab some good deals,  including a reduction in pay-per-click deals. It is also the right time to invest and buy some companies, especially media companies. The reason for buying the media firm is that most of them have high traffic that means high viewership that you can utilize in the future as you will be able to sell anything you want.

To some people, investment in some companies might seem impractical. But if you are sitting on some cash, this can be the best investment of your career. You can use media companies to increase the traffic on your website, and successfully generate returns on your investments. In simpler words, it is the time of action, and taking some necessary steps will help you gain long term benefits. It makes take up to 536 days to recover if the market draws down below 20% or more. But during these times, no one knows how much the economy will drop.  

FAQs and Customer Care response

Since COVID-19 has changed the user demands and search patterns, in response to this, it is essential to learn keywords that appear on Google searches and direct people to your page. Meanwhile, you also need to understand what people are searching for. Generate a set of keywords that are most searched to locate your content, and link these same and exact keywords to direct them to the particular section of your website you want them to discover. It is also an excellent time to evaluate your website’s performance based on the content, including COVID-19 keywords. Here are some changes that you can do to make yourself stand out in the crowd.

1. Create the content on your website relating to Coronavirus and healthcare industry updates. You can write about mental well-being, quarantined study schedule, some DIY techniques, and other popular searches during these times.

2. E-commerce websites can prioritize the content based on essential groceries, delivery schedules, everyday essentials, masks, sanitizers, and other products that are in high demand. This will help make their website more user friendly, and the consumer will be satisfied to reach the relevant places quickly, in the hour of need.

3. The customer service website should also notify the consumers about the necessary measures taken in COVID-19 crises and create new content to keep people updated about their policies. If you have any offers during these times to postpone their travel plans, an insurance policy, and the measures you are taking to ensure that your products stay sanitized, it is necessary to update them on your website. This way, you will be able to gain the trust of your consumer and emerge as a reliable service provider during a hard time. This might seem like a burdensome task at the moment, but you will gain some consumers in the long term that will swear by your services.

4. Customer care service is likely to be overwhelmed by the queries they will be facing. Irrespective of your industry, people will have queries relating to the business you are doing. For example, the HVAC industry is termed as an essential service, and people have tons of queries relating to that. This implies that they have to tell people about their service hours, measures they are taking to avoid the spread of Coronavirus, minimal interaction zone, health analysis, sanitizers, and other precautions taken for the quality control and much more. All these queries will leave your customer services overwhelmed and needs to be taken care of. For this, you can use SEO to address these queries fast and guide them towards the answers, thus, reduce the burden on your service executives.

Changing trends that need your focus

  1. See shifts on Google trends: It is essential to focus on the search queries people are looking for in your industry. By monitoring the changing trends, you will be able to design your content around it. When the economy is getting stabilized again, your content will likely provide the information visitors will be looking for. Change your approach based on the user’s queries for the long term and short term benefits. Consumer’s behavior is shifting, and you need to be prepared to bring more traffic to your websites.
  2. Changes in SERPs- Google keeps changing its algorithms to come up with the most helpful searches for its visitors, including featured snippets, and people also ask sections. Make sure that you are adding all the trustworthy content on your website and add up the facts and information relating to your industry and Coronavirus along with the source pages. This way, you are more likely to appear in the Google top searches. Remember, you should always add trustworthy information from an authentic source and update your content regularly to stay in top searches.
  3. Top Keyword rankings: At this time, keyword rankings are always changing based upon the visitor’s search trends and queries. Knowing what visitors are interested in is necessary for business and SEO adjustments.
  4. Strategical content:  Since time has slowed down, you can perform a mini audit of your website. You can create videos, infographics, and all sorts of additional assets that will increase your ranking in SERPs. Track other businesses to analyze the content that got most of the results and backlinks and try to develop the content keeping the content outline at mind. Do research, attending webinars, use zoom and skype for conversations, update your previous content to make the most out of this time. Write some blogs about the evergreen advice, work on some future ideas and pitches, read some marketing books to attain a fresh outlook. You can also record some videos and write content to appear on top of YouTube searches and featured snippets to gain more organic viewerships.
  5. Cashify possible opportunities and invest: As a recession will hit the economy, many websites are giving offers on their tools to increase their business revenue. You can buy some rather expensive tools and offers and utilize these to gain maximum results. Also, with the first half of the year going downhills, you need to make the most out of other upcoming opportunities like Black Friday, Christmas, and NYE to make the most sales. Start planning out about the strategies to create the templates and pitch that will be useful for you. 
  6. Utilize and direct the traffic: You can change your website functionality during this time. It implies as many places can be deprived of local newspapers and radio channels, you can become the source of information for your local area. Tell people about the latest facts and information relating to Coronavirus enlisting the testing centers that are located in that area. You can also do this with the help of the videos. You can also inform people bout the adaptations and changes that you made in your trade, to ensure that it is safe. Also, if you have been working offline so far, it is an excellent time to take your business online and start delivery services to increase your business. However, you should do that with the government’s permission and adequate safety measures. Also, with lots of time on hand, you might even experience the traffic on your website that may not be turning in to the consumers, but you will be having data on your hands. This data can offer you some insight about the frequently visited page on your website, how engaging your content is, how quickly a viewer skips from your website.
  7. Revamp your website (Security): If you observe a sudden bump in the organic traffic of your website, you need to take care of it. In order to avoid website crashing, clean up your admirative mess, and make a point to delete those files that are no longer useful. Remove unnatural links and broken links. Answer the reviews on your websites that have not been taken care of. Train your employees about responding to negative reviews; you might even reach out to your clients depending upon the business you are dealing with and the communication purpose. Also, if your consumers are likely to hear from you, don’t drop that during Coronavirus hit. If you are providing some unique services during selective hours to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, update it on your website. Make sure that your website passes that speed test even if the traffic influx is considerably higher to provide an excellent user experience.
  8. Make connections: As businesses are getting closed, top talents are also left on the compromised state. If you were thinking about hiring, this is the right opportunity to hire the topmost leaders of SEO talent for your company. You can also start making connections with other personalities by staying active on your LinkedIn profile; you might be surprised by how these connections will benefit you in the coming future.

Some useful Updates:

As most of the people are turning online to gain information and for business. To help the viewers, even Google has also made some critical transitions. Some latest updates are: –

  1. Google has started the business posts that were temporarily disabled.
  2. Google is giving suggestions on limiting the businesses and pausing the businesses online rather than the temporary closing of the business.
  3. Google is also testing the dine-in, delivery, and take out options for the local businesses and thus, providing information that is vital at the moment.
  4. Intercom is offering some free services to its users to keep their business running.
  5. Some sections of the Ubersuggest tool are also free, as said by the owner Neil Patel.

It is essential to keep yourself updated to know how your business will be performing now and later.

Your to-do list during COVID lockdown period:

While dealing with this situation, you are likely to implant some methods to make your business stable and to make it grow as the economy gets established. For this, you need to construct a plan of action and execute it to reap long term and short term benefits alike. Here is a list of what you can do during quarantine, to strengthen your position.

Short term strategies

1. Perform an SEO audit- We can admit that it’s been a while since you have revamped your website. But you can use this time to revamp your website and perform an SEO audit on it. You can use free tools to come up with the issues in your website and fix them. You can also determine your site performance, speed test, reconsider web design, and make an excellent long post, including the infographics, to give a makeover to your website.

2. Learn more about Google tools- We are observing more and more companies to give away their valuable tools for free to their users. You can use Google search console to analyze the sitemap to come up with accurate results by crawlers. Also, you will get to know what segment of the selected site is coming up for selected queries. Similarly, the Google analytics tool will help you know about your frequent users and the section for which your site is used for. You can also use some other tools to know more about your website.

3. Update your key pages- Your key pages represent your website in front of the viewers. Therefore, it becomes necessary to polish your content, make a content strategy, add unique data, and update the previous one to make your website more user friendly. For this, you will need an expert to go through your website as it is going to be a difficult task. For this, you can take help from the SEO experts as they can perform this task more correctly.

4. Work on descriptions and Metadata- Coronavirus is the hot keyword at the moment. It is essential to work on joining and updating your source relating to COVID-19 to appear in search engines. The meta descriptions, headlines, titles can be revised to make them appear in SERPs. They should be informative and exciting to entice a user to read the content. Also, it will help the crawlers to divide your content into the right category.  

Long term strategies

To create a long term strategy, you need to know more about the changing patterns of SEO and analyze the direction of your business growth as per the SEO trends. You need to adopt some tactics to align with SEO, and this way, you will be able to understand what your business needs right now and how you can progress in that direction.

For this, we suggest that you make some achievable goals for the next 4 and 5 years and research how top-level competitors are growing with their marketing tactics. Find out the ways by which marketing will help you attain those goals and the role of SEO in expanding your business as well as project designing that will help you move forward.

You can design your content keeping a section of the audience in mind and target them for business. You can create client outreach campaigns for potential publishers to attract the new demographical audience. Also, you can write engaging content to attract new customers and make connections with the right companies so that you can rank higher.

Some joint exercises of SEO include:-

  • Link building
  • Site Audits
  • Content management
  • Strategical internal inter-linking of pages
  • Fault management

You need to give attention to your website periodically so that you can stay ahead in the SEO game. If you don’t do this regularly, you are likely to get lost in the search pages results. It is feasible to hire an SEO company to regularly perform this on your behalf to avoid any error or delay.

WHO guidelines to follow

WHO (World Health Organization) has described all the critical updates to protect yourself from the global pandemic of COVID-19. You should make sure that you stay in your house as much as possible and limit going out of your safe premises. Some of the vital guidelines you must follow are:  –

Wash your hands frequently

Washing and Cleaning your hands with soap and alcohol-based sanitizer will kill the virus that might be present on your hands. It is necessary to wash your hands correctly to get rid of Coronavirus.

Maintain social distancing

Social distancing is the way to maintain a selective distance to prevent the threat of coronavirus infection. He might infect you due to the small droplet that might reach your body via coughing and sneezing. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a safe distance from others.

Prevent touching your face altogether

Coronavirus enters the body through three primary routes, namely, eyes, nose, and mouth. Your hands touch many infected surfaces and are likely to be contaminated with the virus. Whenever you touch your face, you risk the spread of infection to your passages. Therefore, it is essential to avoid touching your face frequently to avoid the spread of infection. And if you have to, make sure that you wash your hands before that.

Practice respiratory hygiene

Coronavirus has a different life span on various surfaces, and it spread from droplet infection, it becomes essential to follow optimal respiratory hygiene to reduce the chances of infection. Use hanky or sneeze in your elbow. Cover your mouth while coughing and follow the right respiratory routine. It will protect the people around you from a common cold, flu, and COVID-19 as well.

If you think you have COVID-19 symptoms and respiratory troubles, seek medical advice

It is no secret that Coronavirus can spread rapidly when not treated on time. If you don’t feel healthy, it’s better to stay at home. At the same time, if you suspect that you might be suffering from Coronavirus infection, we recommend you to call the local authorities that have all the latest data about the spread and healthcare centers. They can direct you towards the right healthcare center and, thus, treat your infection as well as prevent it’s spread.

Stay informed about the disease but don’t create panic

To keep yourself updated on the spread and new guidelines to prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection is a good step; however, you should avoid creating anxiety and panic about the situation. Stay updated on the COVID-development and follow medical advisory by the experts and your national authorities. It is essential that you are only referring to some authentic sources like WHO for the latest information about COVID-19 and the protective measures that are needed to be taken.

We hope that Coronavirus will pass soon and spare our market and our lives with minimal after-effects. Till then, avoid going to public places and maintain optimal hygiene.

As for marketers, it is the right opportunity to grow and expand your business, while others are afraid to take the steps. Shifting priorities is vital to address your visitor’s queries.  Be brave enough to take the risk and reap the results that are best for your business. With the right knowledge and approach, you will definitely become successful.


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