Free Domain Authority Checker Tool

Domain Authority Checker Tool

In recent times, Google has been continuously developing its algorithms to provide better search engine results to the viewers. Using some keyword in your content can now only help you in ranking along with other factors when taken into account collectively. However, understanding all these algorithms is very difficult. To help our clients in understanding and improving the website better, our expert team at Project Backlinks designed this bulk DA checker tool to check domain authority. Also, this guide will help you on your way to the ranking by providing information on everything that includes DA (domain authority), PA (page authority), and Google SERPs (search engine result pages) and more.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is used as a parameter to decide the authority and relevance of the website. Moz created this score to know about the strength of the website as per Google SERPs. The strength of the website is calculated by a bulk DA checker tool on a range of 1 to 100 score by using the third-party tools that check domain authority. The score is dependent on the number of links and the quality of links directing to a website that can be used to analyze how well a website will rank on Google SERPs. The higher score you have, the more strength your website will have.

What do you get in Page Authority check?

People often end up confusing page authority with the domain authority. While domain authority checks the chances of your website to rank on Google SERPs, page authority is the strength of a single page or URL of the website. It is the parameter to know how well a webpage can rank on Google SERPs. It is also checked on the range score of 1 to 100. Just similar to the result by a domain authority checker tool, the more score you have, the higher chance you have to rank. However, many factors influence the authority of the page. A score by DA and PA checker is not the final measure to check the authority, but it can give you the most precise result range. Various metrics are used to determine the Domain Authority of the website like- Internal links, backlinks, core referral domain, number of unique referral domain, and the Moz domain authority of such domains.

What are the factors that influence the Domain Authority?

There are many factors used by a bulk DA checker tool to present you with the best results as per Google search engines. These factors include: –

  • Quantity of backlinks pointing towards your website
  • Quality and strength of the websites that are providing you the backlinks
  • The volume of content on the site
  • The referring root domains of the websites
  • The time when the website first joined the Google
  • Speed of website
  • Quality of content on the website
  • What is the Moz trust value for the links you are receiving

Since every time you check domain authority scores, you must keep in mind that the website DA checker tool gives out the score by keeping all the factors together. An individual metric influence can’t be checked by using the DA PA checker tool. Instead, as per the algorithms, a more influential metric will show more changes, whereas the less critical metric will show fewer changes when you check domain authority result value. Also, the DA and PA checker tool will give the DA score of 1 to the website that is newly generated. The score will keep on increasing until the maximum check domain authority score goes up to 100. It is easy to influence the low DA score, but as your website will keep improving and attaining a high score, it will be more challenging to influence the final value interpreted by the PA DA checker tool.

Rather than keeping your eye on the maximum score, you should focus on attaining the higher DA score than your competitors so that you become the best in your niche. You can use our bulk DA PA checker tool for your competitor’s check domain authority score and the websites they are linking with. You can analyze this data and work with the expert SEO agency to improve your rankings and authority as per the domain authority checker tool that will soon be visible on Google. 

Why is the website authority checker DA, PA metrics are essential for SEO?

Several pages are indexed by Google, and the numbers will keep on increasing and decreasing. Even though your content can be relevant if it is not getting links from high authority websites, you will not get the position in the best 10 searches on the first page. As per search engines, the higher the authority of a website, the more likely it appears on the first page as it will probably provide the best answer to the viewers. To determine the ranks of the website, search engines depend upon the authority of the website and its pages. The issue arises when the search engines check the domain authority; they do not reveal the authority of pages, and therefore, bulk DA checker tools are developed to learn about the authority by using some standard parameters. However, since the domain authority checker tools do not use all the metrics assigned by Google for bulk DA checker results, the check domain authority score can be taken as a broad guideline, not a final result.

What do you get by using Domain Authority Checker Tool?

There are several factors in the SEO that works together and give you the rankings. By using a domain authority checker tool, you can rate yourself as per the Google algorithm and metrics. When you check domain authority, you will realize that not all websites are created equal. Some websites are clearly stronger and more reputed when compared to other websites. Similarly, the bulk DA PA checker will also give you an analysis of these high authoritative websites that you can approach to get backlinks relevant for your niche. Not only this, a DA and PA checker tool will also give you a glimpse of the age of the referring domains. While some websites are old and built their Moz trust value steadily, some others are clearly still struggling with SEO. You can know the difference between them by their website authority checker DA score from our website DA checker tool.

Why Choose our bulk DA checker tool?

Our bulk DA checker tool allows you to check domain authority of the different websites. This tool is used to simplify the task of SEO professionals that can help you with link building that is the most challenging part of the job. The DA and PA checker tool tells you how much domain authority will be added to your site if you get the DoFollow link from another high authoritative website. Our bulk Da checker tool allows you to check domain authority for yours as well as competitor’s websites. This website DA checker tool will also help you in keeping an eye out to check domain authority to avoid spammy and irrelevant websites. Our DA PA checker tool is glitch-free, works quickly, and serve as a bulk DA checker tool where you can analyze the authority of websites all at once. The integrated system of our DA PA checker tool runs your URLs through the extensive database and gives out the best result. We have the expertise in all about SEO, and we offer you our domain authority checker tool and our expert services so that you can quickly check the link popularity of your competitor’s website to design an unbeatable strategy to rank on top SERPs.

What to do with the data from the bulk DA checker tool?

The data extracted from the DA and PA checker tool gives you an approximate idea about how Google views your website. The next responsibility is to utilize this PA and DA checker data to improve your website. Here are some common things that can be used for your benefit by the results you received out of PA DA checker tool: –

  • Use this data and compare it with the DA of the competitor’s website from your niche that you get by using the website DA checker tool.
  • Check domain authority data to know if your rank is improving after the SEO marketing campaign or not.
  • Use bulk DA checker tool and know how to project your website as per the top competitors in your niche and frame the strategy to gain the top rankings.
  • Use page authority checker to focus on creating a better backlink base and perform SEO individually.
  • You can get the best guest blogging websites in your niche that can provide you the good backlinks. You just need to make a list of authoritative websites by using a bulk DA checker tool and reach out to them.

How to Increase your Domain Authority?

It is difficult to influence your domain authority unless you are not ready to work on enhancing your SEO value. You will need to work on the parameters that change the results while you check domain authority so that they can be influenced. As we know, high authority websites are like trust coins; the more backlinks you have from the high authority website, the higher you will rank. Therefore, before you approach a website for the backlink, it is essential to check domain authority by using PA, DA checker tool. Here what you can do to make sure that when you check domain authority score in future by using the website authority checker on your site, you get the better results: –

  • Link building: –

Link building is an essential part of any SEO work. Good links work like the key to your website and help you generate traffic and rankings. The more good links you have with the great authoritative website, the better the domain authority result for your website can be extracted in the DA and PA checker tool. While everyone is acquainted with this approach, not everyone creates a good quality link that can be backed up with the high authoritative websites. Link building is an exhaustive process where you will need to research the relevant websites from your niche and contact them. Although this will require you to put up an experienced in-house team that includes expert SEO Professionals, in contrast, you can hire an SEO agency to work on your website effectively and bring you the best results while saving you some cash.

  • Community outreach: –

Outreach is the aim of introducing your websites to the other in a similar niche that is of high authority. You can do it by offering them the high-value content that they will accept. The higher the quality of your content, the more remarkable links you will get from the high authoritative, unique domain. You can also offer your services to them or create infographics and videos that are eagerly accepted by these websites. The other way to get links is by White Label Guest posts that will increase your traffic.

  • Improve your website: –

Small things like increase loading time, lack of internal links, old content that requires the updates, broken links, spammy links to your website, and other problems can potentially reduce your chance of getting a better rank. It is essential to optimize your website and update it periodically so that you can improve the user experience and engagement. Since most people use mobile phones, your website must be compatible with mobile phones, laptops, and desktops as well. You can also think about adding the voice search to appeal to the audience. Also, don’t forget to work on local SEO, as this will be a significant factor in generating revenue.

These are some of the significant factors that will improve your domain authority and rank. Since it is a long process, you need to put efforts to continue to make sure that you not only gain rank but maintain it as well. And the next time, when you will use the DA and PA checker tool to check domain authority for your website, you will surely get better results.

How to check Domain Authority?

You can use the bulk DA PA checker tool to check domain authority and page authority. To give you the right range while you check domain authority, we have introduced a bulk DA checker tool for our clients. If you want to check domain authority of a website, you just need to add the URL into the search engine box and wait for the result. You will soon see the page authority checker result for the URL. If you want to check several URLs in the PA DA checker tool, you just need to insert a single URL on each line. To get the best result, you can check domain authority for your website, and after that, you can add your competitor’s website in the PA DA checker tool so that you can compare the results. You can use our PA, DA checker tool to check domain authority of your website, as page authority checker, the number of backlinks pointing to your site, Moz rank, and other data.

Still here?? Check domain authority for your website now!!!

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Why Use the Domain Authority Checker Tool?

Domain authority allows you to quickly evaluate the quality of any website with a single score.

Use our free bulk DA checker tool to:

  • Check your website’s DA or the page authority (PA) of individual pages you’re building links to.
  • Find out the website authority of your competitors in organic search results.
  • Evaluate potential backlink opportunities.

How to Check Domain Authority

Simply enter the URL’s you want to check line by line in the input field above and hit the button to get their metrics. You’ll get scores for the following metrics:

  • Moz DA
  • Moz PA

Domain Authority and Page Authority

When you perform a domain authority check with this tool, you’ll also get a score for page authority.

PA is a similar score to DA that indicates the likelihood of individual pages to rank rather than the website as a whole. Enter individual page URL’s on any website into the bulk DA checker to get the PA score for them as well.

Domain Authority Factors

Moz uses over 100 factors to calculate domain authority. These factors include:

  • Number of referring domains
  • Backlink count
  • The quality of those links
  • Site content volume
  • Domain age
  • Social signals
  • Content quality
  • Site speed
  • Moz trust

How to Improve Domain Authority

To improve your website’s DA you need to build up the factors that influence DA.

Links from other websites to yours are a key factor. Backlinks from other websites are like votes: the more backlinks a website gets, the higher that site’s DA.

Backlinks from a website with a higher DA are usually higher quality than backlinks from a website with a lower DA. So, keep in mind that not all backlinks are equal.