Case Study for a Healthcare Client

Project Details

Client Name
Shady Grove Eye Care
Jan 2019-Current

At Project Backlinks, we run various carefully designed campaigns by analyzing the situation of our clients individually, to provide successful outcomes using our expertise in SEO strategy and Brand Marketing. Through this case study, you will discover the extent of results that the right SEO agency working on your website can achieve. SEO is everchanging to come up with the most relevant page results. And here, you can see how an SEO agency utilizes its expertise to deal with the issues presented to them on the client’s website, rather than struggling through the theory to apply those tricks on your website.

Our healthcare client has a leading eye care center located in Calgary, Canada Location. They have highly qualified eye care professionals to diagnose vision disorders for all age groups. Also, they provide the necessary eye care accessories for the seekers. Their ability for eye care diagnosis by comprehensive eye examination and management of eye disease has successfully awarded them with a reputation of a prominent eye care center in their surroundings.

Traffic, Backlink Acqusition and Domain Rating Change


Low Organic Traffic and Low Rank for the Keywords

This client approached us regarding the low organic traffic and their low rank for the keywords that can provide them with business opportunities. Their rankings were quite unsatisfactory and needed to be immediately taken care of. Since they invest in the latest technology for an exhaustive eye care examination, they want people to know about their services that can increase the footfall in their eye care center.

Strategy Used

Overall Audit, Content Revision, Backlink Acquistion

Website audit, keywords research, content revising, link building, and focusing on the Google My Business page

Techniques for implementation

Strategy Implemented

It was clear on the website audit that the site was not ranking for relevant keywords that can potentially build some business opportunities. Also, the content was lacking in providing the value that viewers often search for. This compelled us to perform thorough keyword research for molding the content in a way that makes the website rank higher using Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Exploding Topics. This process includes adding FAQs to the page, answering related queries, and naturally inserting other long-tail keywords in the content. Adding keywords to the meta titles, infographics, H1 tags, Alt tags, and canonical tag required expertise on which the SEO team is a pro.

We also started the process of acquiring backlinks for the client that can help in ranking their website. For the backlink acquisition process, we start researching for the relevant sites from the healthcare industry. After carefully selecting the websites for the backlinks acquisition process, the websites were approached through a strategically designed individual cold email as a part of the campaign.

Meanwhile, the content writers work on generating SEO friendly articles for the link acquisition process. At the same time, our SEO experts pulled out a backlinks report to extract the spammy backlinks and start working towards removing them. Dealings with toxic backlinks provide us with the 3 major benefits:

  1. Improved website ranking
  2. Your website appears more reliable and authentic for link acquisition
  3. Preventing your website from arriving in the Penguin Penalty zone.

We revamp the site and attempt to make it mobile-friendly while making sure it passes the speed test. We also update the old content and keep on periodically adding the keyword-friendly engaging content to the website along with positive testimonials.

Since the eye care center is most likely to generate the revenue from the localities, we made sure to enroll them at Google my business and add the critical details like clinic times, location, phone numbers, images, and customer reviews.

Our team not only provided the client with the required inputs but also made sure that the client followed them. During the initial period, the efforts do not seem to create results, but the team was confident about their approach. The client’s patience and SEO experts approach soon started showing a spike in the organic traffic that keeps on increasing gradually. And soon, the results were on display. An increase in organic traffic, appointments, and more visitors made our client satisfied with the result and sealed the partnership between us for a promising future.


A 100% increase in traffic over a 3-month period

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