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Chiropractic SEO Services to Revitalize your Google Rankings

The following are some tips for how chiropractors can use SEO on their websites. By implementing these steps, you will hopefully see an increase in traffic as the site is better able to make it through Google's many filters.

#1 – A lot of the search engine weight is determined by how many links are pointing to your site. Links from other websites, or in SEO terms "external links" can be a huge factor in determining where you rank on Google. The more external links you have, the more likely it is that Google is going to pick up your site.

#2 – If you are trying to bring up a site in Google that is not ranking very well, you can try contacting webmasters of other sites and ask them to link to your website. It always helps to have a strong anchor text (text that comes after the URL) when asking for a link. For example if you are asking them to put a link to your site with the anchor text of "Chiropractor", the more effective it will be.

#3 – It is important to use your keywords in at least a couple of different places on any page that has the potential to get you ranked, but only when it makes sense to do so. For example, if you are dealing with a medical problem, then it is probably helpful to use your keyword in the headline of your article. However, if you are simply writing about something general like Tips for Chiropractors, then using keywords in the meta title is going to be more effective.

Process followed by us to get your boost your Rankings

Start with a quick website audit

A website audit is always the first place to start since that allows us to identify the biggest gaps on the website and answer questions like:

Is your CTR bad compared to the impressions that you are receiving?
Is your page coverage falling down?
Has your rank suddenly dropped on some important keywords?
Is a new page still not indexed?

Based on that, we are able to make suggestions that help you move forward and make certain changes on the website and potentially get some low-hanging fruits.

Identify your competitors and do a competitor analysis

A quick way to move forward if you have recently started your website is by doing a thorough competitor analysis, and tracking down what they are doing with their SEO. This gives you an understanding on chiropractor seo marketing activities your competitors are doing and :

What kind of content is ranking well in your niche?
How many reviews do the top websites have?
What number of backlinks do you need to acquire to rank well?

Do a thorough keyword research

We can’t emphasize the importance of a good keyword research process. You need to track down what are the most important keywords that you need to rank for. Then use a tool like Ahrefs, SEMRush, to identify more opportunities. Add to that, the keyword list from your competitors, and then finally select the most important, relevant, and highest Search Volume keywords that you should create content for.

Start optimizing your top pages

Based on the website audit, competitor research, and keyword research, the next step should be start optimizing your top pages. Here you can

  • Add new keywords
  • Improve your content coverage
  • Try and rank for some Featured Snippets
  • Add content that your competitors are currently not ranking for

And move forward in rankings, as well as traffic on your website

Create a proper structure across your site

It is extremely important as a plastic surgeon doing SEO that you understand that site structure matters. You can’t create one page after the other without defining the page levels.

For example, your ideal structure should be something like

which would allow you to rank better rather than simply having a URL that reads:

Start asking for reviews from your customers and clients

Do you have customers who are really happy with your work? Ask them to leave a review on your GMB listing, as well as on your website. This allows the other users who are searching for something like “chiropractic SEO” and come across your website to build up trust by seeing real people acknowledging how good you are in your field.

Create new pages based on your keyword research

Once you are done updating your old content, it is time to add additional content. This is where you need to play smart and add content not just in textual format, but also add small clips explaining your procedure, alleviating fears that people have, and potentially the costs; things that you can potentially use as videos on your Social Media channels and build your following on those channels as well.

Get new backlinks and citations

When you search for chiropractic seo, the last thing that is potentially on your mind is a conversation about backlinks, because trust us, it is a boring topic. However, if you want to rank well locally, it is an absolutely important topic, because 5 good backlinks can be the difference between you getting 10 client calls and 100 client calls.

Chiropractor SEO Services Provided by Us

At Project Backlinks, we know exactly what will benefit your website, and therefore we customize every single one of our projects. “One size fits all” is not true when it comes to SEO for plastic surgeons, and therefore our proposal for your will differ based on your requirements, and your goals over a period of time.

As soon as we are done a basic audit of your website, and understanding your requirement, we will outline a proposal based on the services that we provide which will be a mixture of any of the following: