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  • Disavow File
  • Potential backlinks that should be removed in the future
  • 30-minute backlink building strategy consultation

Backlinks are the crucial component of any website that helps in SEO rankings in Google SERPs (search engine results page). However, your ranking is also decided by the sites from which these backlinks are acquired. Irrelevant and unacceptable backlinks can compromise your ranking and website authority that can further lead to penalties if not taken care of. Thus, it is vital to filter these corrupt, spammy links and undergo a backlink audit.

What is a backlink audit?

Backlink audit is a process that provides you an insight into several existing backlinks on your website for authority and quality checks. This way, you can eliminate the negative links that are hindering your growth. Also, by website audit and backlink analysis, you can determine the legit sources from where you are getting the backlinks, and you can rebuild your strategies around this knowledge to gain more traffic and yield impactful results.

The components of backlink SEO audit services-

  1. Recognizing the backlinks- By using the best tools in the market, we will create a detailed list of all the backlinks on your website. This includes backlinks from a disagreeable website, message box links, natural links, and more. This way, we establish the crucial foundation of a backlink SEO audit at once.
  2. Analyzing the backlinks character- Our expert backlink audit services have been in action for a while, and they investigate uncountable links while performing a backlink audit. They go through the link surveillance system where they can identify the character and authority of a backlink by using their peculiar link analysis algorithms and standardized metrics. Every link must pass through these data points and parameters before they get filtered.
  3. Removing unwanted links- After the screening, all the links are further cross-checked to separate those that are marked unnatural by Google algorithms. These links can often lead to penalties and decrease your rank in SERPs. This way, we ensure that we are only removing the links that can lead to penalties and compromise your rankings.
  4. Expert level links screening- We can’t just rely on tools and extension to do whole work, and therefore, our experts take the next screening test for backlinks. The experts manually go through all the links and present a report regarding the links that need to be removed. This way, the experts start working on the worst link first and then keep on moving towards the next level to remove all the errors.
  5. Effective and simplified link audit- You will be involved in every part of this process that is simplified just for you so that you can give your inputs. After we conduct a thorough backlink audit, we will start working on removing these toxic and spammy links by contacting the webmasters of such websites. Also, the team will undergo a backlink disavow submission by the disavow tools so that no questionable links can be seen across your website. After this work, a customized report is submitted to revoke the penalty on your website so that you can rank again.

This is all you will get for your website when you decide to go through an SEO backlink audit. But there is one more step that is a vital component of a backlink audit, i.e., the backlink audit of a competitor. By performing a backlink audit for your competitors, you would get a detailed report about the most important links that play a significant role in their ranking and even approach the similar high ranking source pages for a backlink to your website. After all, what works for them will also work for you, provided you are in the same niche. Also, you will have a benchmark for comparison as well.

Why call an expert for a backlink profile audit?

If you have tried performing SEO backlink audit on your own, you would have realized that it is a time-consuming process. For analyzing and classify the links, you will need the experts to go through your backlink bank. It is only by using the best backlink audit service you will be able to identify the toxic and spammy backlinks that you would want to disown on the earliest without going through the hassle. It will also save you valuable time, and you can be assured that your website’s SEO backlink audit is being performed as per Google policies.

As it is clear from the above, with each backlink audit you sign up for, you can unlock the full potential of your website that was previously hindered by the factors mentioned above. With each report, you will know what blogs provide you the most backlinks, has a more engagement time, and ways to attract leads.  Call our experts for an SEO backlink audit to unlock a niche of more business opportunities today.

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