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SEO Keyword Research Service

Every new day is an opportunity where uncountable users are searching for the services you offer in the Google search engine. With uncountable business opportunities generated in your niche, you should also be looking forward to the better trade prospects.

So, why are you still struggling to grasp these chances?

What if we told you that you are just one step away from unlocking the better opportunities for yourself. To be specific, the problem lies in your SEO service keyword research. At Project Backlinks, our top keywords research service experts highlight the basics of keyword research to promote your product or service unfazed by the fact whether your business is small or large.

SEO friendly, professional keyword research service is essential to lay out the foundation of a campaign and build your business image among the audience. Our short and long tail keywords research service targets all the necessary keywords to drive every business opportunities on your doorstep that generates revenues by providing you the maximum visibility across all platforms. Over the years, the keyword research topic has developed immensely in a sense to gain clients from B2B and B2C as well. Therefore, while deciding your keyword strategy, it is essential to keep your target audience in mind and check the relevancy with the associated niches.

What do you gain by our ultimate keyword research service partnership?

We take pride in our skills and the results we have delivered for our clients so far. Our foundation lies in: –

  1. Our experienced team

Our team is passionate about SEO and equipped with the skill set to derive the best results. Previous project experience has provided us with a clear insight into the true potential of SEO and tricks to use it for your business. We build our unique strategy for keywords research and avoid the common mistakes that can rip you off the potential clients. We build long term partnerships with our clients through the results we delivered, and our data speak about our credibility.

  1. Rapid lead generation and client conversions

Investing in the service for keyword research is a crucial practice for lead generations, client conversions, and better business reach, and our expert SEO team help you attain these goals quickly and efficiently. Our Keyword research focuses on short and long tails keywords having the right user intent that attracts the people searching for your services. We list down the keywords that are most popular in your niche that attracts potential buyers and increases your organic traffic.

  1. We pay special attention to your inputs

We understand that you have unparalleled knowledge about your business, and therefore, we always pay special attention to your recommendations and inputs. Your knowledge helps us gain a better outlook on the keywords that are relevant for your business an eliminate those that are not important. Our partnership will give you an edge above your competitors in your niche.

How does our ultimate keyword research service work for you?

Our advanced keyword research service is a Hexa-level process scrutinized by the experts so that no lucrative keyword misses our eye. We render our services in an organized manner that gives the best returns. Here is what we focus upon: –

  1. Find your target audience– It is essential to understand the search pattern of the audience. It is the first step to success that will be taken by every professional SEO agency keyword research service provider. It is vital to decide the final keywords intelligently by keeping the target audience intent in mind to generate the revenues.
  2. Exhaustive competitive research– It is not possible to have all the resources at disposal to target the high search volume keywords that are ruled by your competitors. In such cases, it is recommended to target the slightly smaller search volume keywords and rank for them rather than wasting your time and resources so that you can gradually build your brand reputation.
  3. Special attention to long-tail keywords– Long-tail keywords are the crucial viewer queries that you can add in your content to improve the quality as well as the traffic. These keywords have comparatively low search evolve and low difficulty level, which makes them easy to rank for. On that part, they often have high conversion probability because they are clear about their requirements.
  4. Relevancy of keywords– Not all keywords will be relevant to the client’s niche and business. Thus, the specific set of keywords must be filtered out by the experts before dividing them further into the segments to utilize them.
  5. Search volume and difficulty level check– The search volume determines the importance of a keyword. The higher the search volume is, the more promising results will be. Therefore, you must pay special attention to these high search volume keywords that can be added to your content naturally.
  6. The specificity of keywords– The phrase “SEO” is a broad term where most people will be looking for information. On the other hand, the phrase “best keyword research service in texas” indicates that the person is searching for a reliable SEO agency in a specif area that can provide him with keyword research. The search intent of the audience plays a significant role in determining the value of keywords.
  7. Local SEO keyword search– If you want to increase the footfall at your local office, you will need a different methodology of keywords research done by our experienced experts. It will be more focused on the specific area audience and building your brand image for specific keywords.

It doesn’t matter what your niche is; you can always request an SEO keyword research service to discuss your doubts regarding your project before you make a final call. A professional keyword research provider will always make sure that your suggestions are included so that the best results can be delivered.

Whether you are planning to buy a keyword research service as a stand-alone product or as a part of an SEO package, our advanced keyword research service is just one click away. We use all the latest tools to convert your keyword research in an error-free module. Be the expert of your brand and leave the SEO to our experts. We will help you get the popularity that you deserve.

Keyword Research Service – Find the best keywords to rank on

Why is keyword research important?

According to Adweek, 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making a purchase decision. Visibility in search engine results is vital to creating an online presence that establishes credibility and trust with your customers. Knowing the search intent behind the terms your target audience is using is important to understand in order to find opportunities that can potentially convert that audience into buyers. Keyword research for your website isn’t just important, it’s critical.

How much do you charge for your keyword research services?

It depends on many factors, like the size of your business, competitiveness of the market and (size of website/web pages) other determinants and on that basis, we have created 3 use cases. You can also reach out to us here for a quote on our keyword research services pricing and costs.

What keyword research tools do you use?

As a search marketing agency, we invest in these tools to better serve our clients in their keyword research projects and other SEO initiatives so they don’t have to invest in the technology themselves. We use many well-known tools like MozPro, Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Keyword Planner, as well as Soovle,, Ubersuggest, and, among others. We also monitor social media trends and hashtags to identify new trending phrases online.

What is your keyword research process?

At Project Backlinks, we start with a keyword funnel based on the buyer’s journey. Then we map the buyer’s journey to the content of your website. After that, we do in-depth research using various tools and strategies to create proper metadata and content strategies that properly align with the search intent of your audience.

Why can’t I just do keyword research on my own?

At Alphametic, we don’t only offer an array of keyword research tools and solutions, but the expertise to leverage these technologies in a way that helps our clients identify opportunities to increase digital revenue and traffic. As well as other services to execute on these recommendations and keyword research strategies, such as metadata, content strategies, and development.

What types of keyword research services do you provide? For example eCommerce, Product Pages, Blog, SEM, PPC?

We work with a variety of clients in different industries. Keyword research is the baseline of any SEO or SEM related project – if you are looking for pay-per-click strategies and management you can check out our SEM services page.

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