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SEO Audit

Get the SEO Audit done for your website depending on how many pages you need the research on (includes Home Page).

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Understanding SEO Audit Services


Does your website have low visitors?

Do you feel clueless about your low rankings on Google?

Do you feel that even though you are offering the best services in your niche, your competitors are getting better business opportunities?

These questions will lead you to SEO technical audit services where you will search for common queries like “what is an SEO audit” or maybe “how to do an SEO audit”. As much as you can be the jack of all trades, your website needs a master of the SEO site audit.

Not only to this, but we have the answer for everything SEO. The SEO experts at Project backlinks team is here to help you uncover the factors that are barring you from acquiring the page one rankings. Our premium website SEO audit services will help you rule out all off your site issues. As a bonus for our newfound partnership, our SEO site audit team will also give you the recommendations to address these issues effectively, so that you can be on your way to success. Our SEO website audit team will scan your website using several updated tools and manual methods to provide you a complete SEO website audit report presently. With this detailed SEO audit services report, you can quickly tackle these issues and emerge as a significant brand of your niche at the earliest. When it comes to SEO and SEO technical audit, a small mistake can rip you off the clients, be it existing or a future perspective. Say NO to the shady website SEO audit services and build a partnership with our expert SEO website audit services company with proven records to guide you towards the right path.


Why do you need our technical SEO audit services?

It is impossible to reach your destination without having the right direction. Similarly, when it comes to SEO, you might feel overwhelmed by the several shady SEO audit templates, techniques, and shortcuts proposed by the inauthentic firms claiming to deliver the top rankings overnight. Any website SEO audit services provider claiming to change your rankings overnight is a Red Flag indication of inauthentic services liable for penalties. Therefore, you must choose the right agency for your technical SEO audit to gain a head start in the right direction. You should also ensure that you are using the White Label SEO audit Services for your business to avoid irreparable damage to getting penalized by Google.


Some Major components of our white label SEO audit services are: –

Website SEO audit includes many components that help in ranking. Every part is designed to improve your website quality while adhering to Google’s guidelines. Here are some of the highlighted elements, among others, that will contribute to the SEO technical audit.

  1. Keyword analysis

It is vital to understand what keywords are used by your audience while they search for the services in your niche. The next step of website SEO audit should be utilizing these keywords in your content so that it brings more traffic. Analyzing the keywords that you are failing to rank for is equally vital. We perform the keyword research for your niche to extract the most searched keywords that will improve your rankings. The keywords list is further filtered into 3 categories that are: –


  • Keywords you currently rank for
  • Keywords for which you can quickly rank for that will boost your traffic and
  • Keywords that your rivals rank for


The third category includes the most challenging work, which focuses on leaving your competitors behind. Often the search for relevant keywords also helps us discover some other keywords that will bring more traffic to your website. These keywords can only be found during detailed research. Apart from unexpected victories, you can also use some long-tail keywords having less search volume but relatively less difficulty level as well. These long-tail keywords have a high conversion rate. On ranking for these keywords, you will add more visitors to your websites that will boost your business in the long run. The more keywords you rank for, the better audience reach you will have.


  1. Competitor’s analysis

Our On-page optimization services provide you the insight regarding the keywords your rivals are ranking for. Also, you will identify the source pages that provide them with authoritative links that contribute to their top ranking on SERPs. Analyzing your competitors is crucial for your strategy. You get the detailed SEO audit reports about the keywords you can rank for, authoritative sites links helping with most challenging keywords, and the source website that can help with link building for future posts. This way, on the competitor’s analysis segment of a technical SEO audit, you get a ton of valuable information you can feast upon. This can further help you develop your SEO strategy.


  1. Technical analysis

The technicalities of every website should be optimum, as the user experience is vital to determine your place in SEO. The SEO site audit expert will evaluate your site for missing or redirecting sections, website loading speed (should be less than 2 seconds), and compatibility across different platforms. They will also ensure that Google gets your site’s XML sitemap, while they critically evaluate your site pages for duplicate content. Technical issues are often one of the most ignored parts that leads to bad user experience. As a result, your business suffers. If you want to grow your business further, we recommend you to pay attention to the technical issues as well.


  1. On-page analysis

While it is true that the content is the king, it is important to analyze every page to ensure that it is strategically organized, and includes the important keywords in the content. This way, your content will stay SEO optimized. You can use the keywords in Meta elements, descriptions, and the initial and last sentences of an article for the maximum impact. You should also create a small and clean URL with every picture having an alt+ tag. Also, you can make the most out of internal linking. All these factors are examined by an SEO site audit expert while adhering to Google’s guidelines so that your website does not suffer from penalties.


  1. Content analysis

Since content and SEO are intermingled, the high-quality content that offers value to the audience ranks on top of SERPs. The content should be original, informative, and engaging to the viewers so that they deem your website credible and use your services. Also, the fewer bounce rate you have, the more likely you are to rank high. Evaluating your content by yourself can be tricky. Therefore, you will need an expert content strategist that monitor your content and compare it with your competitor’s high ranking content to give you an honest opinion. This will provide a fresh outlook on your website while being informative so that your site maintains high-quality standards.


  1. User experience check

The two essential factors of SEO are the engagement time of the user on your site and the bounce rate. Google Analytics can be useful to derive this data. Engagement is a vital statistic of SEO. This is an important factor that determines whether the visitor has a good experience and if he got what he is searching for. The better the user experience is, the better will be your traffic and business opportunities.


  1. Link bank analysis

Links are the driving force behind SEO and Link bank analysis is a significant section of SEO technical audit. You must always examine your website for the quality of links, the number of links, relevancy, anchor texts used for linking, and the authority of source website, among other parameters. Not all backlinks are equal, and the quality of links is superior over the quantity of links as per Google algorithms. Therefore, you can definitely use the link analysis as an integral part of our website SEO audit services. These are some of the significant checks we focus on while performing the website SEO audit for your site, among several other quality check factors.


What are your goals from an SEO technical audit?

While discussing your project, our website SEO audit services firm will ask you about your goals from your website. While you might have only thought that you just want to increase traffic and viewerships, this often displays the passive approach of your business growth. Give it a thought and write down your significant issues after a short analysis and your experience so far. Focus on what you want to gain by the website SEO audit services. Some of the common queries may include: –


  • Are you trying to figure out why there is a sudden decline in your website traffic?
  • Are you looking forward to website migration, or you just want the periodic maintenance to evaluate your site performance?
  • Are you feeling trapped after being hit by Google penalty or looking forward to tie the loose ends of your newly launched website?


Whatever your goals are, it is recommended to write these down in a journal so that you can ask the related questions from your SEO audit service expert while you discuss your project. The more precise you are, the more productive and quick will be your SEO technical audit. You can prepare a brief report that gives you an idea about your current site status. This way, when the result is noticed, you can compare the final data with the previous report to estimate the success of SEO website audit services.


Learn more about our SEO site audit procedure

Our approach is to stay transparent with our clients. We perform your SEO website audit perfectly so that you can focus on delivering your services. We deliver the result you need through these 3 easy steps:


  1. We discuss your goals with you and pay special attention to them. We adopt our unique and result-oriented strategies and brief you about the techniques of website SEO audit services that we will be using for your site scanning.
  2. After getting an impression about your goals, we will use some tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, and others to perform the critical SEO site audit. We further assign the task to the senior SEO experts so that no stone is left unturned. After this, we note down all the findings in an organized manner and fix an appointment with you to present the final report of the SEO website audit.
  3. In the meeting, we will present you with a highlighted SEO audit report about your site and provide the recommendations to fix the faults that hinder your performance. We will help you move forward every step with our white label SEO audit services that are worth your money.

We believe in actions that produce results, and our SEO technical audit has gained an excellent reputation among our clients. On that note, check out what our clients have to say about us. Give us a call to discuss your dream project and to learn more about SEO audit prices and SEO audit template. Act now to reap the results that you deserve.

SEO Audit – Get an idea about your SEO performance

Our SEO audit process includes:
An overall analysis to assess your website’s strengths and determine an SEO strategy
Identifying both the on-page and off-page factors affecting search positions
A comprehensive SEO audit report, including a competitive scorecard, backlink report, and future site strategy
How our SEO audit services work

Our website SEO audit services begin with an overall analysis of your website to assess what action is needed to best optimize it for search engines.

Based on this analysis, WebFX offers recommendations for improving your website to boost your overall search engine rankings.

These recommendations may include, but are not limited to:

Duplicate content
Broken links
Backlink analysis
All spammy link pointed to your site
Similar title tags
Duplicate meta descriptions
Browser and resolution compatibility
Page loading times
Site statistics
Error pages

All of this is included in both our off- and on-page SEO audit.

How long do SEO audit services take?

The SEO audit project duration ranges from 3 days to 30 days.

Our full SEO audit service takes 30 days for the detailed plan. During this time, we will completely analyze and assess your website with our SEO audit services to determine the best strategy for you moving forward and provide advice on what to change so that your site performs better in organic search rankings.

Afterward, we’ll show you our SEO audit report so you can see areas of potential improvement in detail.

Why invest in an SEO audit package?

Our SEO site audits are designed for those who are having trouble ranking for their intended keywords but really aren’t sure why. Maybe you suspect that your site is too slow, but you can’t confirm it. Maybe you think there’s a problem with content duplication, but don’t have the tools available to check. That’s where we come in.

Our SEO auditing plans include investigation of all possible factors, from essential on-page elements like title tags to comprehensive sitemaps. We’ll examine your site and determine exactly where your marketing strategy can improve — and how you can improve it.

We recommend SEO audits for anyone who is having trouble ranking and needs solid, actionable advice on what to do next. An SEO audit package can also be helpful for a business that recently started a website and wants to know where they can improve on their earliest pages.

Regardless of your need, SEO audits are the first steps to creating an online marketing strategy that works.

SEO audits: The on-page factors affecting your SEO

What’s the point in having an attractive website if no one ever sees it? We’ve seen a lot of clients who have beautiful, engaging, and well-crafted websites that just can’t rank in search engines, and they don’t understand why. Why doesn’t a website rank well if it’s attractive and has a lot to offer?

Frequently, the issue in these situations is content in one form or another.

This could mean not enough content on each page (“thin content”), similar or missing title tags and meta descriptions, or multiple URLs pointing to the same page (“duplicate content”).

We will identify these on-page ranking barriers and recommend the necessary changes all with an SEO audit. Identifying and fixing these on-page factors can have a significant, immediate and positive impact on your rankings.

SEO audits: The off-page factors affecting your SEO

Other factors affecting your organic search positions are what are referred to as off-page factors. Off-page factors make up almost 80% of search engines’ ranking algorithms, making accurate off-page analysis absolutely critical. These factors are mostly focused on links — the number of links you have, the anchor text used, and where these links are placed.

The average web visitor can’t spot these off-page factors, and it’s difficult to identify them manually. Fortunately, we have a suite of services enabling off-page analysis and comparison. We will identify these hard-to-spot factors and recommend a strategy that helps you build your reputation and increase your presence online.

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