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Note : Please keep in mind, you’ll have to provide us with the list of competitors
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  • Top 200 keywords that you should target
  • Top 5 product/service and top 5 blog pages ideas
  • 10 keyword per page for the suggested 10 pages
  • Meta title, Meta Description, and H1 for these 10 pages
  • Top 100 websites that you should acquire links from
  • Top 50 competitor keywords relevant to your niche
  • 30-minute backlink building strategy consultation

Importance of SEO Market Competitors Analysis

A brand that strikes as the first choice in the audience’s mind whenever they think of using the peculiar services will get more business opportunities. Since most of the businesses are flourishing online due to the internet being a significant source of information, you would also want to stay on the top of SEO hierarchy. To stand the topmost among your competitors, you will need to perform an SEO competitor’s industry analysis. This will allow you to rule out the gaps that you can fill on your website to rank higher.

What is an SEO competitor analysis?

To succeed in digital marketing, you need to understand everything about your online competitors. This will require you to perform competitor analysis SEO. Importance of Competitor analysis SEO becomes apparent to identify the optimization techniques of your competitors that included their top ranking keywords, backlinks acquisition, and more. Through SEO competitor analysis, you will know about your primary competitors that are targeting the same keywords, audience, countries and provides the same services as you. To rank higher than them, you will need to have a more reliable website than them, and that can only be achieved by a successful SEO campaign. By doing a local SEO competitor analysis, you can also outrank the other business to generate more leads and profits.

Components of SEO competitor analysis

By project backlinks SEO competitor analysis services, every page of your rival website is analyzed individually by the following Quad-factorial competitor research. These factors are: –

  1. Screening for primary competitors

These are the brands that are targeting the same keywords and ranking for them; however, they need not be real rivals. As an example, a coupon website may be competing against an e-commerce website as well.

  1. Evaluation of keywords for each competitor

Understanding the way your competitor is maintaining the top rank by working as per Google’s algorithm to his benefits is crucial. Specific keywords bring most of the traffic to a website, and that will further bring leads and clients for the services. This research for competitor analysis of SEO includes:-

  • The significant keywords for which your competitor home page is ranking
  • The top keywords for the website and their ranking as per Google
  • The average monthly search volume for those keywords
  • Determining the difficulty level of these high ranking keywords

The competitor analysis SEO reports will provide the strength and weakness of your target website. You will also know the keywords you will need to target that can make your website rank high, and the keywords will require more time to rank. Combining the result, you can design your campaign and strategy to gain favorable results.

  1. The website authority check

This step is done to optimize the strength of your competitor’s website. If your rival website is not appropriately optimized, you hold a chance to gain more organic traffic by ranking quickly as per SEO by a successful campaign. The factors your competitor’s website lacks will be your strength, and our SEO specialists will help you in discovering these flaws. Some key factors that determine a website’s rank as per SEO are

  • The clarity of the website
  • A clear description of title tags
  • Description tag status
  • Quality of content and keywords used in the blog
  • Interlinking of the pages and main pages having most of the links
  • If the blog is optimized for sharing, and keywords ranking
  1. Thorough off-site research

Relying completely upon on-site research will be the ignorance we can’t afford, and hence there are certain off-site factors that are investigated, that influence the performance of SEO. The final part of SEO competitor analysis includes going over-

  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Index for Google
  • Search results for the keywords
  • The number of results exhibited
  • Type of backlinks on your competitor’s site
  • Social media engagement and effectiveness of your competitor

These are the major components on which a competitor SEO analysis company works upon. A better agency will carefully perform the competitor analysis SEO to bring you the correct report that displays the strength and weaknesses of your competitor’s. With the right research and assistance, you will gain the quality results that you want quickly.

Are you still seeking an efficient competitor SEO analysis company? Look no further; give us a call to discuss your projects and start rebuilding your website now.

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