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  • Keyword Research (list of top 10 keywords per page)
  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • H1
  • Number of keyword usages of the top 10 keywords according to the number of words on the page

How do we conduct SEO Content Analysis Audit

Digital marketing runs on two components, SEO and Content. Thus, you will want to make sure that your content is placed in the right position and also get recognized by your target audience. Provided that you have a website, you would like to perform a site content audit to ensure it is of high quality and has the right keywords so that you can rank on Google SERPs(search engine results page). The project backlinks team of content strategists, webmasters, marketing consultants, and SEO managers ensures that your website’s content is structured and redefined accurately to gain attain the maximum benefits of SEO by performing the content audit in few hours.

What is a content audit?

A content marketing audit is a process of going through your website to rule out the strength and weaknesses of your content. You can also call it the qualitative screening of the content that is present on your site that is critically evaluated as per SEO and key performance indicators. Often, clients publish the content during the beginning days on the website and forget to update it. As time passes, the content becomes outdated and irrelevant as per your services. Whereas, it should be analyzed periodically. Every piece of content requires updates and removals wherever necessary to keep it fresh and relevant as per the changing trends, and this can be provided as content audit benefits. However, the process can be messy, confusing, and tricky, especially if your website is full of content. As a solution, you will be recommended to hire someone to do a content marketing audit to execute the content strategy framework audit as per the latest Google algorithms so that it turns useful for your purpose.

6 reasons why you require a website content audit?

A content marketing audit is recommended due to several benefits such as:-

  • Better reach for the content present on your website
  • Provide better user engagement to lure more leads and clients
  • You have too much content that needs to be updated on your website
  • Track the quality of your content over time
  • Get notified about the red-flagged pages on your website
  • You are planning to move your website on some other platform

But how often should you perform a website content audit? 

As per content audit experts, a well-researched and critically performed SEO content analysis audit can help you reframe your marketing and content publishing strategy to gain the most out of each blog and take the lead among your competitors. It should, therefore, at least be done annually by an expert that provides content audit service and perform the technical SEO audit content as per Google guidelines.  Unlock your business to new opportunities and discuss your project with our experts who are excited to answer the questions you need to ask before the content audit of a website.

What makes a successful content audit?

Every audit should be done with the perspective of taking the necessary steps to improve your brand reputation, and thus, the changes should be made in your strategy. Moving ahead, these are some of the objectives you fulfill after a content audit: –

  1.  A detailed report on your best performing content piece
  2.  Tips on how you can improve your organic search performance by using simple techniques
  3.  Reveal your target audience preference and their search trends
  4.  Sometimes data on the pages gets overlapped therefore you need to consolidate these pages by category content audit
  5.  Find out the gaps in your content representations and fill them to perform better
  6.  Find out the pages that have a strong impression but low conversion rates
  7.  Eliminate the piece of content that doesn’t belong to your niche and is outdated
  8.  Update the content that can be easily worked upon and get it placed strategically to gain the most benefits
  9.  Extract some of the new content ideas for your website
  10.  Increase the user’s engagement on your web pages by updating and correct placement of content
  11.  Bulk check the URLs of your page for missing meta description, redirection, indexing, and more and restructure it for maximum   visibility

A content audit is much more than once in a blue moon process, and it should be done periodically to maintain a high-quality website.

Tsk! Tsk! Did we hear you are looking for an expert content audit service?

Call us and let our content audit specialists go through your content to improve your marketing techniques and evolve as a better brand. And the cost of a content audit will get you the best return on investments. Make changes that will grow your brand value and business opportunities. Just get a quick call and dive into the sea of opportunity,  and see yourself in the top position in SERPs

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