Introduction And Application Process Of An EB-5 Visa

Eb-5 visa is also known as the investor’s visa, which in simple terms offers US citizenship in exchange for your investments. However, it includes several other eligibility and complexities which an applicant needs to fulfill. Having an expert immigration lawyer by your side can help you overcome these hurdles as you will proceed through the applications. In this article, you will learn further about the EB-5 Visa process.

The process of EB-5 visa application-

Once you have fulfilled every criterion in the EB-5 visa process, your spouse and unmarried children below the age of 21 in the US can join you legally, where they can live, work, and study as US citizens. EB-5 visa application involves the following steps-

The 5 steps for the visa application are-

  1. Start researching the business prospect you would like to invest in. This should be practical and have the potential to elevate the American economy. Similarly, you can also invest in the projects approved by the US government through a regional center.
  2. The legally owned investment will be added to an escrow account, and meanwhile, the lawyer will file application I-526 on your behalf.
  3. After your application approval and going through the formalities, a conditional visa card will be issued to you for 2 years. For your conditional visa card, your lawyer will file Form DS-260 or I-485. You need to fulfill the conditions laid by the US authorities to prove that your project has fulfilled the eligibility for the unconditional visa. 
  4. If everything goes well, 90 days before the expiration of your conditional visa card, your lawyer will file Form I-829 to change your conditional status to unconditional residency. It is during this time your dependents can move legally to the US by attaining their unconditional visa card. For this, they will need to apply individually.
  5. 5 years after receiving the conditional residency, the applicant and their family can apply for US citizenship, provided they pass the US Civics, History, and English exams. At last, they will need to attend the ceremony, that makes them a legal citizen in the US.

* The applicants must carry the visa card with them at all times.

*The applicant must be present physically in the US as per the guidelines during the visa process. 

Now that you have the basic idea about the procedure, you do your research and prepare yourself. Connect with an expert to discuss your EB-5 project and how to proceed further with your application.


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